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Hello I'm Shelby Lynne. I'm 21.
I'm from Missouri but I plan to move somewhere else once I graduate. I'm in college majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in Special Education. I'm tiny, but oh so fierce! I live for country, baseball, Texas sports, and family of course.

Anonymous said: How do I stop getting friend zoned?


Don’t put your eggs in one basket.

You’re young, date around, have fun, get to know people. Until feelings from both parties are mutual and confirmed, remain neutral. If you happen to get friend-zoned in the future, it will no longer bother you because you still have a few other potentials that you can entertain and possibly single down to one and start a relationship with. The person who friend zoned you, is more than likely doing the same thing and has used “friendzoning” as an easy way to reject you. Keep it moving.

It sounds harsh, but the rules on dating are changing.

Might as well put a fucking ring on it if you’re gonna act like we’re married. Same shit different year. When we have friends telling us that were “basically in an open marriage” that should hit you in the head and make you think. Buck up and quit being scared. I’ve been here for over 2 years now, I obviously haven’t given up on you fuck tard! Our conversations are seriously like a married couples, were way past that mushy gushy stuff. We’re just like clockwork. You call, come over, I miss you, that song reminds me of you, kisses, you leave, no speaking for 3+ days, then repeat. You also can’t get mad that I’ve got just as many B&Hs as you. I’m playing the same game you are. Not fun is it? Quit being selfish for mine and your son’s sake. If you want us to be a family then fucking be one with us. 



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